MyCareRide LLC is a passenger transportation company serving school districts to achieve their specific and unique transportation needs. We employ a smart fleet management system and great customer service to provide reliable, accountable, state-of-the-art transportation. This results to safe, efficient, and cost-effective service.

Our services reliably and quickly accommodate the constantly changing nature of the McKinney-Vento population ensuring constant transportation whether inside or outside the district.

The following is a list of the services we offer:

Students in McKinney-Vento Program
It is a challenge for homeless students to arrive in class on time. Through our special program, we are dedicated to providing a convenient and reliable form of transportation for these students. Making sure they get to school is the first step to helping them build a brighter future for themselves.
Special Needs Students
We know it can be a challenge for students with special needs to use conventional forms of transportation. MyCareRide LLC aims to change that by providing specialized services for those with mobility impairments or developmental disabilities. We have unique vehicles that are equipped with wheelchair ramps and lifts, as well as other features specialized for students with special needs. Our services ensure that they have a convenient option to get to school.
Other Services Also Available
  • Hard-to-Serve Trips
  • Out-of-District Trips

Our services are uniquely tailored to the specific needs and preferences of special needs students.

Students are safely transported by dedicated and compassionate drivers and aides when necessary. Our dynamic fleet varying from wheelchair vans, minivans, sedans, and additional equipment as needed are carefully matched with the needs of your students.

commercial vans parked in rowWhen it comes to far away trips, our services offer a cost-effective solution to the district in lowering fuel costs and wear and tear in that the big bus is not sent to pick up only two students living far away.

We organize out of district routes to ensure students are transported in a cost-effective way to the district while maintaining convenient service to the student.

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